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Appreciating the season of “in-between.”

What season of life are you in? Just as we witness the changing seasons in nature, there’s a different rhythm for various times in our lives. There’s a time of growth (springtime), there’s harvest and expansion (summer), a balanced, winding down (fall), and a period of quiet and reorganization (winter)…


How to Talk it Out

Let’s be honest. Difficult conversations are… difficult. They’re avoided, postponed, and people typically don’t want to have them. I consider myself an open person, but I’ve realized that I have trouble when it comes to having “difficult” conversations…


& why does it matter?

A friend of mine has a theory — we all have a “utility function” that guides our behavior and decision-making. It’s that main desire that serves as our internal North Star. (The source of a utility function isn’t going to be analyzed in this post, though I presume it’s a…


are mindful

After getting back from a yoga retreat vacation, “mindfulness” has been on my mind. There was talk about gratitude, drawing the right energy into our lives, setting intentions, and reclaiming our wholeness through thoughtful behaviors.
As I started thinking about it more, I realized that when it comes to leadership…


Happier workplaces?

Happiness is a big topic these days, with hundreds of books available on achieving it. Some authors write about how it can be attained through self-love. Others talk about meditating. Others say it just requires an active, daily choice.
Regardless of philosophy, one thing’s for sure — happiness is the…


Being the boss doesn’t make you a leader.

True leadership is meant to be consciousness-raising. I was sitting at my desk the other day when my company’s controller, Meital, introduced her friend to our VP of General Operations, saying “Meet Jon, my boss.”
Jon turned to Meital and said, “I…